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Aquillae Deus by Seraphoid
Aquillae Deus
Aquillae is a Native American Spirit Eagle God sent by a higher power to guard and warn Seva (his human)  of impending threats and has the ability to shift from Albino Eagle form to Human form. Usually roosts in a high area or flies high above his Watch (Seva) diligently, Usually the silent type, doesn't stray from his duties and focus as he doesn't not talk without cause with every word upon his lips is wisdom he observes more than he speaks. [Pale or Adaptable to Tan, icy blue eyes, white hair, muscular strongman build, versed in the art of taekwondo, height 6'7", Age:?? looks 25, origin: father sky, element: wind, cold fire]
Aquillae Deus Reference by Seraphoid
Aquillae Deus Reference
Aquillae is a Spirit Eagle God sent by a higher power to guard and warn Seva (his human)  of impending threats and has the ability to shift from Albino Eagle form to Human form. Usually roosts in a high area or flies high above his Watch (Seva) diligently, Usually the silent type, doesn't stray from his duties and focus as he doesn't not talk without cause with every word upon his lips is wisdom he observes more than he speaks.
[Pale or Adaptable to Tan, icy blue eyes, white hair, muscular strongman build, versed in the art of taekwondo, height 6'7", Age:?? looks 25, origin: father sky, element: wind, cold fire.] 
He was adopted by the family of his father's enemy. His father being dead, your stepfather being alive. A family of aristocratic paleskins in contrast to his tan skin & jet black hair (which was long, pony tail & slightly wavy). He had mastered many things (the arts, swordsmanship, business) but never forgot where he hailed from & who his real family & people were. Whom were back in the Americas. He walked into town ignoring his stepfather's anger towards him snubbing your conditioning within the family (sometimes he was treated less by those around him; but not by the daughters or the stepmother). As he roamed aimlessly trying to clear hid head, there was a flower shop accross the street he always walked passed & ignored, but today he wouldn't. As hr entered; no one seemed to be behind the counter. He explored some, suddenly hearing rustling behind the counter. "Hello?" he walked closer. "Oh! Hel-" the young tan woman behind the counter bumped her head on one of the wall shelves. Hegawked. He'd never thought to find anyone who looked like him again. Her hair as thick as his but more wild, baby faced like an angel with dainty hands and a curvy yet lithe form wrapped in decent sewn work. He spoke his native tounge. But the woman only starred in confusion. "Why are you so far, Miss?" he asked. She too gandered at the fine blue eyed gentleman infront of her and said she was raised in the carribean tribes of the West Indies but was sent on a journey, got lost, found her way & somehow ended up here by mistake. She did not have means to travel back home ever since. That was 10 years ago from her recount. She solemnly looked away as if to push memories aside. He asked to buy some milk thistle & lavender. She furnished the request and asked if you needed anything else. "To join me when your off from work."He said as he placed his hand on top of hers; and not a care in the world he had for the scorn his stepmother would spit at him. Eyes afixed to him in hesitation just as the shop owner walked in. "Oh! I dare say I'm interupting something! Don't mind me, Mr. Maicoh. Nitika you can take the day off, business is slow anyways." The stout old man hobbled away to the back with the biggest grin ever. Nitika sighed and gathered her things. "Old man is always trying to marry me off." she huffed. Maicoh chuckled "Same here,  stepmother sets up dates weekly; I rather help the window washers." He says as she smiles and steps out into the light fog. Sky is gray as usual but atleast his mood isn't this time. For about two hours they both wander around town, enter other shops & walk the streets. None the wiser would think they are an actual couple. As he hears the clock strike 8 Maicoh invite her home to her suprise. Taking a carriage back; he breifs her on the behavior to expect with his siblings along with brothers. She blushes as he mentions they are slightly fond of darker women. The estate is bigger than any she has ever been near. High towering pinnacles, delicate trim, stone walls & an enormous lawn. "I forgot to mention; this is where I live." he said as her blank expression changed. "And you want to leave?" she pondered. They entered the main foyer and all she could do was stare opulence in the face. So much so that she almost forgot to give the manservant her coat. "Maicoh Abbassin Daniels; where have you been!" his mother whirled in not noticing the young Native woman behind him. "Have you-" she spat as he stepped asside. Nitika looked bewildered & extended her hand in greeting and Mrs. Daniels responded in kind. "Here's the thistle and lavender mother; did you know Nitika here fashioned them for us?" He interupted his mother's scrutiny.  "Ah yes; thank you dere; dinner will be ready in half an hour & don't be late. It was a pleasure meeting you Nitika." His mother says and briskly ascends one of the double staircases. Nitika huffs. "It's kjnd of cute when you do that." you say trying to cheer her up. She instantly blushes & forgets his mother. "Want to see my room?" he teases. She turns a rosy red. He begins to laugh. "Only if you want to." His says as she nods as you hold hands. Up the grandiose staircase, pasesd the portrait lined walls yoy bump into your stepsister (who's been smitten with you since day 1). Tall lithe curly haired blond with rosy cheeks, fair skin and cold blue eyes. "Emily this is Nitika-" you start. "What an odd name!" she chortles. "But she does have an exotic beauty about her." You scowl. "How is my name any different?" you respond indifferently. "You're perfect is why; broad chest, handsome eyes like mine-" she muses. "Enough, dinner will be ready soon."     you growl and turn to see Nikita giving her snake eyes as Emily rounds the corner. "Don't worry about her; I barely see her or most of them as family. She's been in league with mother in her attempts to marry me. Ugh." A slight smile blooms on her face. "You didn't mention she was rude." Nitika prods at you. "I forgot about her entirely." you muse as you reach the end of the hallway. Acending the stairs to the third floor, down two more hallways you reach the attic loft. "Here?" she puzzles. You open the door to reveal one wall lined with multicultural weapons, masks on another wall and animal pelts, feathers and beading decorating the wood work. The bed is a large plain yet sturdy crafted wood frame with animal carvings you carved in yourself. She scans the room slowly and walks up to a wall mounted necklaces of an eagle carving. "Northern tribes call this Kawahu." You head to the weapons wall and pick up a bo staff. "They call this a bo staff in parts of asia." You say as she turns about. "It looks like headless spear." she laughes. Both sit and talk of crafts, weapons skills & skillsets when we suddenly hear a knock on the door. .... [To be continued]

Journal History


Political Performance Indicator



Such a person is always obsessed by his idea and persists in advocating and spreading it no matter how it is accepted by society around him. Developing and putting into effect this idea produces in him a pleasurable state of mind and gives him a reason for living.

There are a relatively small number of such people in the world, but many of them are universally known because their conviction, faith and determination promulgated ideas that influenced history. Famous personages who are close to this type include the biblical Abraham, the apostle Paul, Mohammed, religious reformers Martin Luther, John Calvin and Jan Gus, explorers who changed the understanding of global geography like Columbus and Magellan, Galilei, Copernicus, philosopher-utopists like Thomas More and Tommaso Campanella, inventors like Fulton, and revolutionists like Robespierre and Lenin. There are also among them founders of various religious sects and of political movements.

The distinctive characteristic of such persons is their complete preoccupation with their idea; it becomes their purpose in life and they see their lives as the means to implement this idea or as the time period in which they can reach their goals. Their idea extremely important to them and without them they cannot imagine their lives.

This type of person is pointed towards the future, the time when his goal will be reached. Obstacles and dangers do not stop him; on the contrary, they stimulate his activity.

He treats people around him according to how these people see his ideas and goals: if these people share his goals he will treat them well; if they are indifferent or hostile to his ideas, he will be indifferent or hostile to them; and if they do not approve of them, or worse, are opposed to them, he will regard them as enemies and will hate them.

This type of person, if obsessed by social, political or religious ideas, sees all of mankind as the object of his concern, and he loves mankind as a whole more than individual people. He is ready to sacrifice individual people for the sake of a "common happiness" but not if those individuals are his faithful fellow-fighters. He is also ready to sacrifice himself for his idea. He does not spare either himself or others.

Such a person is egocentric in the sense that he considers himself the center of all events - but he is not egotistical. He does not have purely personal interests. His interests often range beyond the limits of his main idea or obsession and his knowledge in different spheres is striking. He will have his own point of view on all subjects and it is almost always interesting to listen to what he has to say. He is often surrounded by followers or disciples who are equally passionate about his ideas, but he has only one or two really close friends.

He suffers major setbacks and even tragedies stoically, turning aside to immerse himself ever deeper in his cause.…




He is a steady and rational person who can define his goals precisely, distinguishing between what he really need and what he can easily do without. This type of person is able to learn from previous experience. He feels and values the present and think seriously about the future. He takes his affairs seriously, evaluating carefully their importance to him as well as the feasibility of their execution.

Such person is capable and disposed to evaluate soberly his possibilities within the context of various circumstances. He considers the consequences of his deeds. He has the courage both to make a decision and, when necessary, to reject it. Having made a decision he doesn't hesitate, but carry it out energetically.

In trying to reach his goal he is capable of overcoming many obstacles and difficulties, at the same time evaluating the importance of this goal to him and his potential for achieving it, as well as his possible gains and losses.

This type of person easily become friend with people who make a good impression on him and he gladly gives them whatever help he can without expecting compensation or profit.

He has his own opinion on many social and political issues, but doesn't like to thrust it on others. A sense of self-dignity is intrinsic in such person and he does not need to prove his merits to others nor demonstrate superiority over them. He is aware of the limits of his abilities and is satisfied when he has exploited them to the fullest.

His personality is well-balanced between stability and safety, and risk and daring. This type of person tries to set himself realistic goals but this may limit the level of his expectations and the realization of his potential. As a rule, success encourages him to reach toward higher levels and to attain goals he previously never hoped for.

Men of this character resemble the type to which Benjamin Franklin and Franklin D. Roosevelt belonged, and women resemble Margaret Thatcher.…

Rationale 27%
Authoritarian 18%
Inspired 18%
Advenerous 0%


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Fantasy artist who is a free lance illustrator; specializing in digital painting and custom graphics. Currently I am in college pursing Bachelor of Fine Arts that will be finished in a few years. I indulge in drawings and I express my intrigues in my artwork. During the years of my work I have a varied style and work mainly in digital media; from my traditional skills comes with pencil work, line art, and inking.

blogs- MAIN Health and Spirituality NEW! Alternative News.

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